After decades of improving their engineering and production functions, industrial manufacturers – such as machine tools, automotive, and consumer durables manufacturers – are now focusing on the performance of their supply chains. The challenges are daunting: faster innovation, highly engineered products, multiple suppliers across the world, distributed manufacturing with increased externalization, a global business requiring global logistics, aftermarket as a strategic business on its own – all of this in the context of globalized competition and extremely demanding customers. However, with these challenges come opportunities.

  • Britannia World works with leading industrial manufacturers to help its clients become more responsive and flexible to customer demand and meet these challenges through better orchestration of collaboration and processes across multiple tiers of supply chain partners. We supply the majority, if not all day to day materials used in most industries.
  • General procurement & supply
  • Britanniaworld aims to provide, second to none, expert, product sourcing, procurement and supply services for government entities, intergovernmental organizations (parastatals) as well as private entities.


Our goal is to identify and provide an in depth procurement and supply process tailored to meet individual client’s specific needs, at low cost.